DECOTEQ products adds value and can be applied to a varied range of residential and commercial properties. Whether you are a ‘less is more’ or ‘less is a bore’ type of designer, our range of products can provide anything from minimalist, modern cladding, all the way up to elaborate renaissance styles.


DECOTEQ products leave you with endless possibilities to improve and modernise the homes of clients, from applying a stylish finish on a window trim to adding exterior wall features. We offer it all.

When applying our products, you are given the opportunity to stylise a home any way you see fit, while being provided with functional benefits like thermal insulation and durability, therefore adding value.

Builders, homeowners or residential developers can make use of our products to quickly and effortlessly give a home a makeover, therefore increasing market value.


We understand the beauty of architectural flow and therefore provide you with an alternative to cost-effective building design solutions. With commercial buildings having a continuous movement of people daily, our products will allow your features to stand out amongst the rest.

Embrace the endless possibilities for your commercial designs with the use of DECOTRIM and DECOCLAD.  We provide you with the ability to accentuate any building features, from modern contemporary exterior cladding to roman arch designs.

With DECOTEQ Product’s easy and quick installation method you can enhance your designs in a sustainable way without increasing your budget. 

Tailored solutions

It is said that one of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again and no two designs ever turn out the same.

The flexible nature of our product, produced from EPS (polystyrene), allows us to tailor solutions to your designs in an affordable way. We then add durability by applying an acrylic coating.

Containers & mobile homes

The new trend is container houses and office spaces, DECOTEQ products can be used to externally insulate and decorate containers.

Form & function

DECOTEQ offers a durable and affordable way to combine form and function, offering functional products that are fire retardant and insulating, while enhancing form regardless of your design’s style.

Easy to install

Installers can use flexible cement mortar or PU adhesives to fix to most substrates, anchors and dowels are used on larger facades where wind load is to be considered. A standard mitre box, saw and basic tools are required, no special equipment is needed.

Are you designing a property in a particular style?

Our products can be moulded to any size and shape.