Who Are We?

DECOTEQ manufactures some of South Africa’s finest EPS  architectural mouldings, at affordable prices. Being in the industry since 2014, we ensure to give our clients the quality products they deserve. Our products ergonomically and purposefully enhance the aesthetic value to any commercial or residential infrastructure, internally and externally.

Suppliers to “Less is more” and “more is a bore”

It is often stated in the field of architecture that less is more. However, there is an increasing group of architects, perhaps most notable Robert Venturi, that feels less is a bore and the future lies in creating designs that exude care, passion and flair. Meanwhile, our products support both points of view, with simple, elegant cladding for the “less is more” school, while the “less is a bore” school is able to design just about any form of cladding and trimming to support their vision.

Green impact

Our production facility recycles all excess EPS material resulting from the manufacturing process which then may be used int a lightweight cement mix. Our equipment also does not generate any harmful by products that negatively impacts the environment.

No or very little water is used during the coating process and we re-use any water for cleaning, no harmful chemicals are required to clean the equipment.

Our values

At DECOTEQ, we value the beauty of architectural flow.

In light of our values, we strive to aid our fellow architects to incarnate their ideas at an affordable rate. At times bringing to life, an idea can be an expensive process and can leave these dreamers to compromise in areas where they should be exploring how much more they can do. 


And that is why DECOTEQ ensures that we can give our clients cost-effective building solutions so that no compromise need to be made. Not only do we want to give our clients an opportunity for creative freedom but to do so in an environmentally friendly manner. 


We value the following:

  • Architectural freedom and flow 
  • The environment 
  • Providing cost-effective building solutions 

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