DECOTEQ manufactures some of South Africa’s finest EPS architectural mouldings at affordable prices. Check out our cladding and trimming ranges below.

EPS core coated with a special formulated hard coating that protects the facade against the external elements, a first of its kind in South Africa.


External EIFS pre-coated cladding designs to choose from.

The system is recommended for new construction and renovations where facade aesthetics with high quality thermal insulation at an acceptable price is a requirement. The DECOTEQ cladding range is intended for external decorative thermal insulation and finishing of wall constructions with the highest demands on insulation efficiency. The increased thermal resistance leads to an immediate significant reduction in costs and high return on investment.

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DECOTEQ Cladding Products


A wide variety of durable and affordable decor products will enhance any architectural design.

DECOTEQ is serving the commercial, residential and entertainment segments. DECOTRIM architectural shapes are specially crafted to beautify the exterior of buildings while rendering maximum durability. By specifying DECOTRIM products, you avoid the problems associated with products produced from conventional cementitious or or other synthetic renders, such as surface cracking, detaching and color fading. DECOTRIM products are durable, is very practical and allows the flexibility to produce the most demanding designs, whether flat or curved, concave or convex, stone like, white and after paint becomes vibrantly coloured.

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DECOTEQ Trim Products

Tailored solutions

We can custom cut designs to the client’s requirements.

The flexible nature of our product, produced from polystyrene (EPS), allows us to tailor solutions to your designs in an affordable way. We then add durability by applying an acrylic coating.


DECOCLAD and DECOTRIM are profiles made from an EPS core, with a durable and flexible acrylic coating.The coating is mixed with various fillers to give it a unique sandstone like finish.

What makes the DECOTEQ product different?

Our products do not have the problems associated with conventional cementatious or other synthetic coatings such as fragility, cracking, detaching and colour fading.

Key features & benefits

  • Flexible
  • Strong and hard – more durable than any render based coating with mesh
  • Resistant to impact and mechanical stress
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Low water absorption
  • Does not require reinforcement mesh
  • Primer and paint topcoat is applied directly on surface
  • Perfect permeation with exterior construction paints
  • The whiteness of coating allows easy application of bright, vibrant colours
  • Perfect for all kinds of architectural shapes
  • Tested according to European Standards
  • Incredible resistance to temperature and humidity variations
  • Easy and fast application

Crack and impact resistance

The binders in the DECOTEQ Coating are highly flexible, providing much better resistance to surface cracks than traditional cement or synthetic-based coatings.

Weather resistant

All coatings provide a high level of weather protection for buildings. DECOTEQ EPS Coating is a cement-free polymeric product thus allowing it to repel water far better than traditional thick coatings.

Fire resistant

DECOTEQ Coating binder has a Euro class C in Europe and USA however South African test certification is pending.

Prevention of algae and fungus growth

DECOTEQ products are fungi resistant. No more unattractive staining therefore lowering maintenance costs.

Enrich a property with our quality cladding & trimming.

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