Why You’ll Find EPS In Our Cladding And Trimming

Why You’ll Find EPS In Our Cladding And Trimming

With our product-for-the-project philosophy, at Decoteq, we must ensure all our products are developed with the same strength and quality. For this reason, we use EPS Polystyrene. 

Many people confuse Styrofoam with EPS when, in reality, EPS Foam is an expanded polystyrene foam. As insulation, expanded polystyrene is not only rigid and lightweight, but it is also closed-cell insulation. What this means is the cells of the foam are compressed after the raw beads have been expanded using steam. The compression of the cells disables air and moisture from getting into the foam – which is why it is more hygienic than open-cell foams. The compression also allows for greater strength and stability. EPS is also coated with a specific acrylic coating, adding to its durability.

Our DecoClad products are used to provide not only insulation but also weather resistance to any building. EPS foam is primarily used for its sustainability, thermal resistance, low cost as well as its strength while being energy efficient and doesn’t decay over time. This is precisely why at Decoteq we prefer to use EPS foam in our cladding – as it is the better option for our clients to keep their costs low while achieving their goal of creating flawless architectural enhancements.  

When it comes to our DecoTrim products, the EPS foam’s compressed cells keep moisture and water out, making for a hassle-free trimming. Since the EPS foam structure doesn’t allow for bacteria growth, our trimming remains sustainable.

With EPS being eco-friendly, by being composed out of organic elements, together with all the other benefits, our consumers are supplied with top quality cladding and trimmings for their interior and exterior project needs, using only the finest expanded polystyrene or EPS foams. 

With EPS our products are already reliable and brilliant but, to top it all off, EPS foams are covered with an unique acrylic coating for durability and giving it a lavish finish. Leaving our products to be the best solution for all your building needs.